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Our Services

Finding and Acquiring Land

A great cohousing starts with a great location.  And we know it when we see it!

A great site has the space and location to build a multi-family complex.  It also will have amenities nearby and preferably walkable.  

Based on our feasibility budget and design, we tie up the site with an offer with a number of months before its finalized.

At that point, we tell you and we start working together!  


Startup Project Management

We take care of the complex and important detail work.  We work with various consultants and our in house staff to do the initial project management, legal setup, feasibility, open the groups bank account and lead the design and development workshops for the cohousing.


You get the news about the new cohousing site within days of the property being found.  We get off to a fast start with websites, social media, and direct emailing. Educational and marketing material can be quickly developed and distributed.

Features of Cohousing


Participatory Process

Put your stamp on it!  Your values will be reflected in the development of the community, so that it directly responds to your needs.  

Neighborhood Design

You’ll feel the difference.  The physical design of the neighbourhood encourages a sense of community as well as maintaining privacy.  Usually, there is a pedestrian-oriented design with the cars at the periphery, so you meet neighbours throughout the day, and the kids have a safe place to play.

Private Homes Supplemented by Common Facilities

In addition to your own apartment or townhouse, you will enjoy common facilities too.  They typically include a dining area, sitting area, children’s play room, guest room, as well as garden and other amenities. Each household owns a private residence —complete with kitchen-but also shares extensive common facilities with the larger group. 

Resident Management

You and your neighbours will take care of the community spaces and each other after move-in.  The community is not dependent on any one person, even though there is often a “burning soul” that gets the community off the ground, and another that pulls together the financing, and another that makes sure you, the group, has babysitters for meetings, and another…  

Sociocracy and Compassionate Communication 

You and your neighbours may try sociocracy as a governance structure.  Sociocracy ensures that everyone is hear, and decisions are made on the basis of “good enough to try”.  This approach reduces some of the challenges of consensus.

When we pay attention to the words we use and the way we use them, we improve the odds of strengthening and deepening our most meaningful relationships. Compassionate Communication (or Non Violent Communication / NVC ) gives a technique for communicating compassionately relies on four core steps:

  1. Observing a situation without judgement;
  2. Discerning which emotions are being triggered in the situation;
  3. Connecting those emotions to the underlying needs that aren’t being addressed; and
  4. Making a reasonable request of the other person.